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Eigen Haard

Eigen Haard provides you the possibility to work on your overall vitality and offers fun and effective workouts for each and every training level

Our services


Our fitness instructors can provide you with a training program to guide you to your desired fitness goal

Group classes

Our group classes are part of our TogetherFIT programme; offering a wide range of workouts

Online classes

Our online classes are part of our TogetherFIT programme; offering a wide range of workouts

High Five Connect

Start your journey to a healthier lifestyle and let High Five Connect help you along the way


We have a physiotherapist located at our gym who can help you with your problems and conditions

Workplace advice

Healthy working is of enormous importance. That is why we offer workplace advice

I really enjoy being able to exercise at Eigen Haard and if necessary go straight to the physiotherapist. It saves me a lot of travel time and I'm fresh and strong when I come home in de evening👍

Since last year, the gym equipment is new at EH. We have enough facilities to enjoy sports and every day there are life lessons to follow, and then all for free, what a luxury !!!!

Thanks to our physiotherapist and fitness / yoga instructor Joaquim I become more flexible, strong and pain free again, Super!!!😊

Our team

Joaquim Sabaté

Location Manager. As a physiotherapist I would like to encourage people to be preventive: “Prevention is better than cure”. Not only thinking about building up a good pension, but also taking care of a healthy and strong body so that you can fully enjoy it later. So eat, drink, sleep and exercise well every day (that's the secret).

Physiotherapist, Fitness Coach, Group Class Instructor

Marisa Rio Maior

As soon as we step on the mat, the journey inwards begins. We look for limits. Reaching a physical limit can create resistance both physically and mentally. Dealing with this is an important part of the lesson. Think of staying calm and relaxed, learning to look at thoughts and feelings that come to and accepting what is present at that moment.

Yoga Instructor

Small Steps, Big Results

At High Five we understand that every individual has differerent fitness goals. 
No matter what your current fitness level is, our highly dedicated instructors can guide you to your desired goals in the fastest and safest manner with a personal, innovative approach and with powerful motivation.

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Eigen Haard Address

Arlandaweg 88
1043 EX Amsterdam
020 680 1801