Physiotherapy on the work floor

Physiotherapy on the work floor can prevent back and neck problems, or treat them quickly and efficiently. We provide massage and physiotherapy in your office as well as specific advice to improve ergonomics at the workstations in your organisation.

Healthcare insurance reimbursement

High Five has contracts with most of the large health insurance companies in the Netherlands. An overview of the health insurance companies that have included physiotherapy in their insurance package for 2016/2017 is given below.

Benefits of physiotherapy on the work floor

  • Efficient
  • Trained in the treatment of job-specific complaints
  • The physiotherapist is familiar with your employees' operational procedure
  • Rapid intervention
  • Advice from a committed physiotherapist 
  • Improves the atmosphere at work
  • Positive image for your company
  • BIG registration
  • Reimbursed by health insurance companies